Definition of press conference in English:

press conference


  • An interview given to journalists by a prominent person in order to make an announcement or answer questions.

    ‘police chiefs called a press conference to appeal for help from the public’
    • ‘So there we were, at the launch press conference, and the time came for questions.’
    • ‘When she stepped into the room to be questioned by the media, the press conference felt more like the start of a funeral.’
    • ‘The press corps surprised Chang at the press conference by giving her a birthday cake.’
    • ‘One resulting compromise is the short private interview after a press conference.’
    • ‘Any chance of a press conference by the chief constable to tell us who he's pointing the finger at?’
    • ‘At an emotional press conference they also issued an urgent appeal for information to track the killer.’
    • ‘The first meeting in every month will be followed by a press conference.’
    • ‘At a press conference he dodged questions about whether this was a disappointment to him.’
    • ‘There will be a Question and Answer session at this time - like a press conference.’
    • ‘He even plans a sabbatical this autumn - but don't expect a press conference to announce it.’
    • ‘The press conference was as notable for the questions that were not asked as for those that were.’
    • ‘The press conference with the science spokesman for the three main parties was very low key.’
    • ‘The same is true of the team security expert's attempt to restrain reporters with a rope at a press conference.’
    • ‘Schwarzenegger made it clear which side of that debate he stands on at his first press conference as governor.’
    • ‘Thank you for your article on the insulting spectacle that was called a press conference.’
    • ‘Journalists gather at the first press conference following the murder to hear an amazing tale.’
    • ‘He even gave a press conference appealing for help in finding the killer.’
    • ‘He has played down the questions, as he did yesterday at a press conference in Hyderabad.’
    • ‘Then there will be a press conference where she will answer questions from the children.’
    • ‘We had a press conference and the room was full of TV and newspaper reporters.’
    conference, meeting, question and answer session
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press conference