Definition of presoak in English:



[with object]
  • Soak (something) as a preliminary process or treatment.

    ‘bandages should be presoaked in a solution of menthol and camphor’
    • ‘Work the soil where you are going to plant and scatter the presoaked tubers randomly so they're 2 to 6 inches apart.’
    • ‘All grafts were presoaked in antibiotic storage medium.’
    • ‘Prerinse clothing outdoors by spraying or hosing it; or presoak it in a suitable container such as a large bucket or tub; or use the prewash cycle of an automatic washer, with detergent.’
    • ‘Aaron briefly presoaks black-and-white pages from the daily paper in a 5-gallon bucket of water, then spreads the sheets with an overlap of 3 to 5 inches.’
    • ‘Place a presoaked foam block in a shallow bowl and stud the block with roses, placing them as closely as tiles in a mosaic.’
    • ‘After presoaking, 100 seeds were placed in 100 ml of solution.’
    • ‘It is usually a black cake with dried fruits presoaked in rum or wine and decorated with icing.’
    • ‘To correct calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D deficiencies, the Encyclopedia of Natural Health suggests that besides dairy products, we can eat plenty of presoaked whole grains, rolled oats, nuts, seeds, dried seaweed and fish.’
    • ‘A simple method is to presoak seeds by placing them in a dish or cup with water on top of a South facing magnet for 24 hours or so before planting.’