Definition of presiding officer in English:

presiding officer


  • An official in charge of a polling station at an election.

    • ‘The preliminary report indicated a family feud between the youth, who has laid criminal charges, and the presiding officer.’
    • ‘Council spokeswoman Hellen Barnes said all presiding officers had written instructions to destroy any cards that were left at the polling station by ripping them up and putting them in the black rubbish sacks provided.’
    • ‘The presiding officer at a polling station in whose ballot boxes strange things appeared at the recount, was a tall, imposing, black man.’
    • ‘Anyone with a visual impairment, physical disability or literacy difficulties may also be assisted by a presiding officer, under the election regulations.’
    • ‘The voter could punch in his vote only after the presiding officer had pressed a button on the monitor.’
    • ‘The defense has now officially challenged the presiding officer's qualifications and his ability to be impartial.’
    • ‘Voting did pick up slightly around lunchtime but the 113 presiding officers or 113 clerks in Kilkenny weren't run off their feet.’
    • ‘The activist, whose daughter was a presiding officer for one polling station, has strenuously denied any impropriety.’
    • ‘Supervisory presiding officers were paid €455 a day for their work on the election, while their subordinates, the presiding officers, were paid €385.’
    • ‘The only way to guarantee a true lawful vote is by doing it personally, checked by the presiding officers at the polling booth.’
    • ‘However, presiding officers at the four polling stations expressed optimism that the situation would improve in the course of the day.’
    • ‘Reports of the lawless activities of presiding officers and other officials of the Zimbabwe Election Officer continue to flood in.’
    • ‘They needed to transport presiding officers and their staff to polling stations.’
    • ‘Fifty six thousand presiding officers were chosen to supervise the voting, these aided by another 280,000, so to say, ‘lesser’ staff.’


presiding officer

/prɪzʌɪdɪŋ ˈɒfɪsə/