Definition of presidial in English:


(also praesidial)


  • 1Of or relating to a province, provincial. "presidial court"noun a court of justice having limited jurisdiction, formerly established in French towns or cities without a supreme court (French parlement). Compare sense B. "presidial seat"noun = "presidial court" Now historical.

  • 2Of or relating to a president or to the action or function of presiding; presidential. Now rare.


  • Presidial court. Now historical.


  • Of or relating to a presidio.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in Arthur Golding (d. 1606), translator. From Middle French presidial (adjective) of or relating to a province, provincial (1490 in cour presidiale; earlier as court presidal; also as noun; French présidial) and its etymon post-classical Latin praesidialis, variant of praesidalis relating to the governor of a province (in a 3rd-cent. text) from classical Latin praesid-, praeses governor of a province + -ālis<br>late 16th century (in an earlier sense). From classical Latin praesidium garrison + -al, after Italian presidiale.