Definition of presidential in English:



  • 1Relating to a president or presidency.

    ‘the French presidential election’
    ‘presidential advisers’
    ‘the presidential palace’
    • ‘No presidential candidate was willing to defend the government's record, and Cardoso's supporters deserted his ship.’
    • ‘Large numbers of people are only now beginning to pay attention to the presidential race.’
    • ‘The presidential debates dedicated an inordinate amount of time to the rising costs of medications.’
    • ‘Presidential portraits have long been a favorite subject of artists.’
    • ‘The presidential election was fought more closely than any election ever has been.’
    • ‘Some argue that having a limit on presidential terms makes the country less democratic.’
    • ‘This year's presidential election looks to be even tighter.’
    • ‘That presidential campaign took so much out of her.’
    • ‘He pardoned her at the end of his presidential term.’
    • ‘He was recently appointed vice chairman of finance for the presidential campaign.’
    1. 1.1 Having a bearing or demeanour befitting a president; dignified and confident.
      ‘America wants a president who looks presidential’
      ‘he's a very strong leader, very presidential in his performance’
      • ‘He appeared presidential and in control.’
      • ‘It is widely assumed that the broadcast is intended to make Obama appear presidential.’
      • ‘It hasn't even got the presidential feel that was presumably intended.’
      • ‘But Brandt admits to being a bit swayed by the final debate: "I think Kerry looked more presidential than he did in the other debates."’
      • ‘It helps make him look presidential.’
      • ‘I don't think he looks very presidential at all.’
      • ‘Voters across the nation voted for Harding for the White House because he looked and sounded so presidential.’
      • ‘ballot rather than backing Mr Dandala. < / p> It said it has a tradition of not opposing the majority party's candidate in a presidential vote as the people have just expressed their will, but the move casts doubt over the prospect of opposition parties co-operating against the ANC. < / p> "I accordingly declare that Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is duly elected president of the Republic of South Africa," announced the chief justice, Pius Langa, sending ANC MPs in the chamber into cheers of "Zuma" and songs of triumph. < / p> Mr Zuma sought to strike a presidential tone, saying he was "truly humbled by the opportunity to serve", and would walk in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela. < / p> "We made history in 1994 when together we discarded our tragic past and opted for a future of harmony, peace and stability," he said.’
      • ‘Barack Obama is appearing more presidential.’
      • ‘And people say he deports himself in a very presidential way.’
      • ‘I think it does look presidential for him to request that all the ballots in the state are counted the same way, though.’
      • ‘Appearing presidential, both during the campaign and once in office, is an essential ingredient for political success.’
      • ‘He looks, sounds, and acts more presidential every day.’
      • ‘Anyhow, the good news for Kerry is that he sounds very presidential.’