Definition of preservation order in English:

preservation order


  • A legal obligation laid on an owner to preserve a building of historic interest, or to conserve trees and natural habitat regarded as contributing amenity value to the environment.

    • ‘On September 21, he served a tree preservation order on Tunney.’
    • ‘My beloved old grammar school, Queen Anne's, was saved as a building when a preservation order was slapped on it, thus depriving York's city council and greedy property developers from making a fortune.’
    • ‘When it was discovered that the trees were subject to a preservation order, work stopped immediately.’
    • ‘Before starting any cutting you should check with the local authority to see if the tree has a preservation order on it.’
    • ‘Although the tree did not have a preservation order on it, it was in the village conservation area and legally Kennet District Council can insist it is replaced.’
    • ‘The trees there are not covered by a preservation order and as the land is privately owned by Tarmac Limited, the Council cannot prevent them from being removed.’
    • ‘At a recent planning meeting it had been decided that the four poplars could be cut down, but that the rest of the trees would remain subject to the preservation order.’
    • ‘Under the terms of a tree preservation order served last September, Tunney was permitted to fell 54 trees.’
    • ‘And we need the immediate placement of a local preservation order on the Odeon building, as proposed by Councillor Andy Mudd way back in February this year.’
    • ‘We found out afterwards that we could have tried to get a preservation order on those trees but at the time we didn't realise.’
    • ‘Last night councillors backed calls for the building to be listed and asked for a preservation order to be put on it.’
    • ‘In this case the defence that the tree was dying or dead and therefore not subject to a preservation order was for the defendant to prove.’
    • ‘It's the architecture (not just Georgian, but medieval and 17th century, too) that draws so many people here, thanks in part to a preservation order placed during the 1960s.’
    • ‘Phyllis Page, who has lived at The Glade for 35 years, will learn next week if councillors will overturn officer recommendations and approve her application to overturn a tree preservation order.’
    • ‘The trees had not been protected by a preservation order.’
    • ‘We wanted to have the sycamore trees felled a while ago but somebody complained and the council put a preservation order on them.’
    • ‘The Grange is surrounded by 150 trees - including walnut, lime, English oak, beech, hazel, and conifers - which would be safeguarded by a collective preservation order.’
    • ‘A preservation order was eventually served on nine trees on May 16th, but there were also complaints to the council over bonfires.’
    • ‘There is a tree preservation order on the yew that has stood guard over the neighbouring churchyard for more than a century.’
    • ‘One protester, Clare Collins, 29, said the development would mean the loss of trees, which she claimed had been made subject of a preservation order.’


preservation order