Definition of present company excepted in English:

present company excepted


  • Excluding those who are here now.

    ‘he's the hardest bargainer in the business, present company excepted of course’
    • ‘Well, I think we do know that the television media - present company excepted of course - have not been giving him a very good break.’
    • ‘Everybody I know is dead now, present company excepted.’
    • ‘I'm the best thing this Department ever had, present company excepted.’
    • ‘Well, frankly, present company excepted, Mike and Jenny are the only Christians I ever met who behaved at all like what I've heard of Christ.’
    • ‘Present company excepted, I think it's just an excuse for the vain and shallow to fill their otherwise empty leisure time.’
    • ‘He is a really smart guy, he's been managing editor of ‘The New York Times’ and he has been writing I would say the best column in American journalism over the past two years, present company excepted.’