Definition of prescriptively in English:



  • See prescriptive

    • ‘Radio New Zealand has operated quite successfully in the past without this prescriptively politically correct charter.’
    • ‘Again, the goal is to examine ideas and explore concepts descriptively rather than prescriptively.’
    • ‘Despite his prescriptively nationalistic attitude, and his commitment to the notion that ‘the bush is the heart of Australia’, Stephens himself was cosmopolitan in his literary tastes.’
    • ‘By having the respondents place activities on a scale of acceptability or tolerance, we sidestep the problem of prescriptively defining the meanings of key concepts.’
    • ‘While the art and science of diagnosis is dependent upon comparisons among groups, clinicians should apply their choice of treatments prescriptively.’
    • ‘And he was generous to many, and offered wise counsel, not prescriptively, but by gentle questioning of your own beliefs.’