Definition of Presbyterianism in English:



mass noun
  • A form of Protestant Church government in which the Church is administered locally by the minister with a group of elected elders of equal rank, and regionally and nationally by representative courts of ministers and elders.

    • ‘Mainstream Presbyterianism has a democratic structure, electing its leader or moderator every year.’
    • ‘And in particular, by engaging lay people as well as ordained ministers in the government of the Church, Presbyterianism prepared the people for participatory democracy.’
    • ‘According to these writers, Presbyterianism was irredeemably un-Scottish, and national regeneration could only come about when Scotland became once more a Catholic as well as a Celtic nation.’
    • ‘The influence of Presbyterianism might be fading but this kind of thing is not everyone's cup of tea.’
    • ‘This promised aid to the English Parliament on the condition that Presbyterianism would be made the religion of the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘In the past many British governments have been essentially secular, with deference to Anglicanism / Presbyterianism as a part of our history and culture, rather than as anything essential to our modern way of thinking.’
    • ‘When we saw the state of the church decline here we thought: we have a debt to Scotland, because Presbyterianism was born there.’
    • ‘In England the Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England but when she crosses the border she automatically converts to Presbyterianism.’
    • ‘Contrary to the intentions of the legislators, however, the laws had the effect of consolidating allegiance to Catholicism and Presbyterianism and intensifying the existing divisions in society.’
    • ‘He helped draw up the National Covenant in support of Presbyterianism, and fought in both Bishops' wars against Charles I.’
    • ‘In my childhood days the island was a stronghold of Presbyterianism, and Sundays were for church-going and staying in; you'd even lock up your chickens to prevent them doing anything scandalous on the sabbath.’
    • ‘Certainly, the country's 20th century establishment has tended to regard Presbyterianism as un-Scottish, even treacherously anti-Scottish.’
    • ‘It is also absurd to suggest that the reunion of almost all Scottish Presbyterianism in 1929 had anything to do with ‘the rise of Socialism’.’
    • ‘But though men like Selden were in power, and Presbyterianism had not triumphed, it had also not conclusively been defeated: some clergymen still wanted to see a national Presbyterian church.’
    • ‘They believe such a narrow definition of marriage is an extreme that's at odds with the true spirit of Presbyterianism.’
    • ‘By 1914, even Scottish Presbyterianism had accepted critical methods.’
    • ‘Having officially disposed of Presbyterianism in the Scottish church, Middleton began to look for ways of destroying his political enemies.’
    • ‘It's like Presbyterianism and Industrial Socialism doesn't exist anymore.’