Definition of preregistration in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of registering or being registered in advance.

    ‘members are entitled to free preregistration’
    • ‘Early registration is recommended as some sessions have limited space and preregistration ensures adequate resource materials are available.’
    • ‘The workshop is free; preregistration is recommended.’
    • ‘A preregistration system for copyrighted works that aren't yet copyrighted is going to be created.’
    • ‘The preregistration fee is $25 per person if received by December 30.’
    • ‘She said that preregistration numbers are less than expected but higher than they were last year.’
    • ‘No preregistration is necessary and lunch is free.’
    • ‘Based on such ‘no objection certificates’, people paid advance amounts and made preregistration agreements.’
    • ‘The lines from last year are gone, and the acquisition of my press pass and Eric's preregistration takes no time at all.’
    • ‘Admission to the event is free, with no preregistration or tickets required.’
    • ‘Early registration is encouraged to ensure adequate accommodations and access to high-demand courses that require preregistration.’
    • ‘Parents at a large number of schools at each site were approached randomly during preregistration for kindergarten by research staff inviting them to participate.’
    • ‘We will accept preregistration for tours through April 10.’
  • 2as modifier Relating to or denoting the period of a doctor's training between qualification and registration.

    ‘the preregistration year’
    • ‘New ideas on preregistration training sit alongside continuing professional development and revalidation.’
    • ‘All of this implies a major educational agenda at preregistration or postregistration level, or both.’
    • ‘Once students become preregistration house officers their time for training is limited, and they have no allocated study budget until after the preregistration year.’
    • ‘It was 1957, and I had just completed my preregistration year.’
    • ‘He held preregistration posts in medicine and surgery at St Mary's Hospital in Philadelphia, United States, before returning to study dentistry.’
    • ‘We sent questionnaires to all doctors who qualified from any UK medical school in 1993, 1996, 1999, and 2000; we did this towards the end of their preregistration year.’
    • ‘Does the preregistration year require tasks, skills, and activities that medical schools do not expect to teach?’
    • ‘From a university perspective, the barriers to shared learning at the preregistration stage are considerable.’
    • ‘Our second son started work as a preregistration house officer eight years after leaving school.’
    • ‘For instance, could we review the philosophy and content of preregistration education so that it privileges primary care and listens to patients' concerns?’
    • ‘As most doctors make career choices towards the end of their preregistration year, placements in general practice may boost recruitment to this setting.’
    • ‘The first year will be similar to the current preregistration year and will include full registration.’
    • ‘She married as a student, had four children, and was 40 before she could do her preregistration year.’
    • ‘This trend may be explained partly by a reduction in the overall number of preregistration training places in the early 1990s and then an increase since 1995.’
    • ‘My second six month preregistration post was as a surgical house officer at a busy London hospital.’
    • ‘Whereas in my first preregistration job I was on call for 108 hours a week, nowadays I might at worst be on for 80 hours.’