Definition of prepubescent in English:



  • Relating to or in the period preceding puberty.

    ‘a prepubescent girl’
    • ‘It is tempting to attribute this attitude to the desire to please a father figure, since Cruise's dad quit the family home during his boy's prepubescent years.’
    • ‘And when he wasn't photographing prepubescent females, he spent as much time as he could socializing with them.’
    • ‘Yet, based on your letter, it would seem that you started ballet training in your teens and your body is not naturally suited to the profession's prepubescent shape.’
    • ‘His voice sounded something like a prepubescent teenager.’
    • ‘And are there any really annoying prepubescent girls who have special powers?’
    • ‘And I'm probably going to regret saying this, but she's actually looking pretty good despite that prepubescent body.’
    • ‘It sounded like a tone that would come out of a prepubescent teenager whose mother wouldn't let him skateboard on the lawn.’
    • ‘Within this story, these two prepubescent boys are scared at first by the presence of a cat, though they don't know what it is.’
    • ‘Most people have given up having slumber parties with prepubescent children by the time they cease being prepubescent themselves.’
    • ‘The change is a steady one, a smoothly continuous development to the final prepubescent physique, rather than any passage through a series of separate stages.’
    • ‘These responses are based on a sentimental view of nature, permissible in prepubescent girls, perhaps, but disturbing in anyone old enough to know better.’
    • ‘So, are the prepubescent girls who visit the site actually falling in love with red meat, when they catch their breath while reflecting on their own inherent self-worth?’
    • ‘This is a show aimed at prepubescent girls after all, we wouldn't want anything inappropriate.’
    • ‘Most of the women in this sample were prepubescent prior to treatment.’
    • ‘It's as if they want to specifically cater to the prepubescent girls (the ones that are gullible and dripping with their parents' money) and write songs just for their palate.’
    • ‘If the individual is a prepubescent or post-menopausal female the risk of pregnancy is quite low.’
    • ‘In this paper, however, only prepubescent children are discussed.’
    • ‘Camped in their son's room, I spent the night reading novels written for prepubescent boys, nodding off only after sunrise.’
    • ‘Most evidence supporting the ban on prepubescent resistance training evolved from several early scientific reports.’
    • ‘The most effective aspects of the film are the simpler ones - Bobby's interaction with his mother, who is unsuited to raising a child but trying nonetheless, and his tentative venture into prepubescent romance with Carol.’
    young, teenage, teenaged, adolescent, junior, underage, pubescent
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  • A prepubescent boy or girl.

    • ‘The following isn't appropriate for prepubescents in any way.’
    • ‘The film showed prepubescents that bad things could happen to them, too.’
    • ‘I was a prepubescent, and probably one of those stupid kids who always seem to come from bad homes; the ones who think the teacher's going to hit them, and can't even spell their own names.’
    • ‘He's sold millions of books over the years, keeping prepubescents and spotty adolescents alike hooked on his dynamite prose, all while pretending to do real work.’
    • ‘If you're a veteran actor who's nervous or excited about your chances to win an Oscar, the last thing you wanna see is a montage of prepubescents who have already scored the golden statuette!’