Definition of prepubertal in English:



  • another term for prepubescent
    • ‘We found that approximately 30% of children with infrequent wheezing but almost 60% of children with asthma in the prepubertal period keep experiencing wheezing episodes in the first 4 years after the onset of puberty.’
    • ‘In this study, we found that a physician-confirmed diagnosis of sinusitis in the prepubertal period was a significant predictor of persistence of asthma after puberty.’
    • ‘Here, we show that both the presence of obesity during the prepubertal period and an early onset of puberty are significant and independent risk factors for persistent asthma after puberty.’
    • ‘Jumping exercises can result in significant bone mass gains in prepubertal girls.’
    • ‘Thus about 2% of boys will still be prepubertal at 14-15 years.’