Definition of prep school in English:

prep school


  • 1British A private school for pupils between the ages of seven and thirteen.

    • ‘I was at Harrow County grammar where I'd arrived two years earlier from a private prep school to be bullied because my accent was too posh.’
    • ‘‘The days when children wanted to be astronauts or fighter pilots is long gone,’ the head teacher of a Surrey prep school told me.’
    • ‘There would be a pre-prep school for 350 and a prep school for 450.’
    • ‘The house then became a prep school and later a language school.’
    • ‘And she added that there had been some pressure for The Atherley to become a mixed school from parents of boys who attend their prep school, Grove Place.’
    • ‘He arrived at Pocklington in 1951 as a boarder aged 13, after attending a prep school in Nottingham, and stayed until he was 17.’
    • ‘Mrs Kordon said the class would prepare younger children for life in the prep school and help them to develop confidence, independence and self-esteem.’
    • ‘Sometimes the system includes a middle school, which covers more-or-less the same years as the prep school.’
    • ‘He was, briefly, the head teacher of a prep school in Surrey.’
    • ‘Little Johnny was in his prep school class when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living.’
  • 2North American A private school that prepares pupils for college or university.

    • ‘Just a few miles off the highway, Blair is a distinguished prep school with a picturesque campus that rivals most colleges.’
    • ‘As a teenager, he was sent to a Massachusetts prep school, and he spent the rest of his life in the States.’
    • ‘What are they doing that's so different from the typical public school, Christian school, or prep school?’
    • ‘His parents have relocated to Los Angeles from back east, where Morgan got into some kind of trouble at his prestigious prep school.’
    • ‘They develop ‘areas of excellence,’ and have portfolios to get into the best prep school.’
    • ‘She had been educated in an old-fashioned prep school where such things were considered ordinary.’
    • ‘My first job in the United States was as a schoolteacher - at a prep school in Virginia.’
    • ‘I know it's hard to believe, but I used to go to a little prep school where they made you wear a tie every day.’
    • ‘He went to a prep school here in America, and he's very pro-Western.’
    • ‘For a dependent to be eligible for the prep school, he or she must be the son or daughter of a career military member.’
    • ‘He was preparing to attend a college prep school, something he had mixed feelings about.’
    • ‘A prep school offers an environment which focuses on college after high school.’
    • ‘He's the lone black student in an all-white prep school, but he has a good heart, is smart, and is unstoppable on the court.’


prep school