Definition of Premonstratensian in English:



  • A member of an order of regular canons founded at Prémontré in France in 1120, or of the corresponding order of nuns.

    Also called Norbertine
    • ‘Of the total of 138 nunneries between 1275 and 1535, well over half were Benedictine; there were 28 Cistercian nunneries, 18 Augustinian, 4 Franciscan, 2 Cluniac, and 2 Premonstratensian.’
    • ‘This Premonstratensian remains ‘utterly devoted to Sainte Foy,’ signing himself as ‘caretaker of this radiance.’’


  • Relating to the Premonstratensians.

    • ‘Titchfield Abbey, founded in 1232 for Premonstratensian canons, had an unremarkable history, and what makes the site worth visiting are the remains of the country house contrived out of it after its dissolution in 1537.’
    • ‘The Introduction again starts not with suicide but in this case with the arrival of Premonstratensian canons in England in the twelfth century, a section given the heading, ‘Reform in the North’.’
    • ‘But they were by no means as rich as the old Orders, Benedictine, Cistercian, Augustinian, and Premonstratensian.’
    • ‘North of the border, the same phenomenon can be observed, as at Whithorn, where c.1175 the old community, probably consisting of secular canons, became a Premonstratensian abbey.’


From medieval Latin Praemonstratensis, from Praemonstratus (literally ‘foreshown’), the Latin name of the abbey of Prémontré, so named because the site was prophetically pointed out by the order's founder, St Norbert.