Definition of premix in English:



[with object]
  • Mix in advance.

    ‘I premix all my colours’
    • ‘Experiments with premixing have successfully cut nitrogen emissions by a factor of 100.’
    • ‘For the mixed monolayers, peptide and lipid were premixed in the desired proportions from their respective pure solution, and then directly spread on the surface.’
    • ‘Sticks are inserted into the molded bars, which are then dipped into a chocolate coating (rice is premixed into the dip for crispy bars), and then wrapped and boxed.’
    • ‘We spent six or eight weeks premixing the track, and then they took it out to San Francisco where the client lived.’
    • ‘Separate chemicals were premixed with an ethanol stock solution to a final concentration and were then added to the labeling dish.’
    • ‘If more than one herbicide is to be mixed with water or liquid fertilizer, the herbicides should be premixed in liquid fertilizer or water and tested for compatibility by mixing appropriate proportions of all components.’
    • ‘Supplied in 75 kg plastic lined sacks, the modified cement mortar can be premixed with clean aggregate to help level depressions of up to 75 mm depth.’
    • ‘The fuel can be either premixed with air or introduced separately into the combustion region.’
    • ‘Instead of premixing everything onto one batch of tracks with no leeway, we've spread the effects out over several batches.’
    • ‘Good results are also obtained by premixing seed with the product in a suitable container, then pouring treated seed into the planter box.’
    • ‘Polyurethane adhesives are premixed liquid adhesives that are fine for exterior or interior use.’
    • ‘Chromic oxide was thoroughly premixed with finely ground barley in a horizontal ribbon mixer.’
    blend, mingle, combine, put together, stir, jumble, merge
    blend, mingle, combine, put together, stir, jumble, merge
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  • A substance or product consisting of ready-mixed elements or materials.

    • ‘The manufacturing process involved in the preparation of premixes for yogurt and other cultured milk desserts can be problematic when using conventional agitators.’
    • ‘Every time you substitute a premix for a powdered drink, it will add about $2.30 per day to your basic nutrition bill (premixed drinks can cost about $4 each).’
    • ‘This was back in the day where blenders whirled and the luxury of premixes was unknown.’
    • ‘The company produces colorants, and vitamin and mineral premixes for animal nutrition, as well as liquid and powder pesticides.’
    • ‘The use of premixes, post-mixes from soda guns and synthetic flavorings is rife throughout the industry and, more oddly, accepted widely as a worthy sacrifice for prompt service.’