Definition of premillennialist in English:



  • See premillennialism

    • ‘What used to be a field dominated by premillennialists is now being visited by others.’
    • ‘No sensible person who had visited the place once would want to return; thus he poked fun at the premillennialists of his day.’
    • ‘Protestant premillennialists, particularly pretribulationists, believe they will be raptured before the tribulation, to be taken to a better place away from the world, while the unsaved will sadly, though justly, suffer.’
    • ‘Holders of these positions are more inclined than premillennialists to interpret scripture symbolically, and do not consider the prophecies of scripture as literal predictions of the future.’
    • ‘Unlike postmillennialists, who anticipated a gradual progress towards the millennium through Christian, human agencies, premillennialists looked for a sudden change through divine, cataclysmic action.’