Definition of premiership in English:



mass noun
  • 1The office or position of a prime minister or other head of government.

    ‘candidates for the premiership’
    count noun ‘Wilson's first premiership’
    • ‘There is a choice and, if he does not make it, ultimately it will wreck his premiership.’
    • ‘This must be the fastest rise to premiership of someone elected to the senate - just three days.’
    • ‘He has had to swallow the remains of what was once a great strategic ambition of his premiership.’
    • ‘The last mission of his premiership will be finding policies to neutralise both.’
    • ‘So, on the evidence of the bulk of his first premiership, what kind of political animal are we dealing with?’
    • ‘Reporters claim that he is desperately alone, at a turning point in his premiership.’
    • ‘Against the odds, however, he has enjoyed the most successful three months of his entire premiership.’
    • ‘Being sceptical about the polls is, of course, convenient at this phase of his premiership.’
    • ‘The period of Mendès France's premiership saw the rise of the Poujadist movement.’
    • ‘Finding a more robust role in the world is emerging as a hallmark of Koizumi's premiership.’
    headship, directorship, direction, governorship, governance, administration, jurisdiction, captaincy, superintendency, control, ascendancy, rule, command, power, mastery, domination, dominion, sovereignty
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  • 2

    as modifier ‘Premiership games’
    former name (1993–2007) for the Premier League
    • ‘He played in all but one of Wanderers' Premiership fixtures and finished the season as the club's top goalscorer.’
    • ‘This Saturday, Palace are back in Premiership action with a trip to Aston Villa.’
    • ‘Alan Curbishley and Sir Alex Ferguson are the best at this in the Premiership.’
    • ‘The squad at St. James' Park is one of the most talented in the Premiership.’
    • ‘Last week, Keith Kelly asked what the highest-scoring draw in the Premiership has been.’
    • ‘They didn't have much pace, but were champions of the Premiership with Manchester United.’
    • ‘Will the big new Premiership TV deal have knock-on effects for the Nation wide League?’
    • ‘Everton made six changes to the side that beat Middlesbrough on Saturday to go third in the Premiership.’
    • ‘Playing in the Premiership was my aim and Wigan gave me that opportunity.’
    • ‘I just hope I get the opportunity to play in the Premiership with West Ham.’
    • ‘Leicester's next Premiership match is away to Birmingham City on Saturday.’
    • ‘We have seen Manchester City charge up from Division Two into the Premiership.’
    • ‘Liverpool and Chelsea have spent fortunes and haven't won the Premiership.’
    • ‘I can get Sky Sports out here and watch three Premiership games every Saturday.’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be great for once to see a no brand team like Birmingham or Crystal Palace win the Premiership?’