Definition of premier in English:



  • 1attributive First in importance, order, or position; leading.

    ‘Germany's premier rock band’
    ‘the premier league’
    • ‘Further, the book will be of immense help to all those who are interested in keeping Indian agriculture in its premier position.’
    • ‘That's why Faulk and James are considered the premier players at their position.’
    • ‘It's what Google needs in order to remain the premier search engine.’
    • ‘Milloy continues to be one of the premier players in the league at his position.’
    • ‘After two years there, he returned to Moscow and joined the Bolshoi Ballet; from 1899 he was its premier dancer.’
    • ‘He is an excellent athlete and should be a premier defender at the position.’
    • ‘We want to maintain this position as the premier hotel, first here, then in Thailand, then in Asia, and then maybe in the world.’
    • ‘I was hitting against Bruce Sutter, one of the premier closers in the National League.’
    • ‘The national league is the premier competition in Australia.’
    • ‘Ten years ago, our nation's two leading rock critics declared the premier band of the era to be nothing but indolent hacks.’
    • ‘If anyone, Preddie was in the premier position to comment on calypso.’
    • ‘Over the decades, Cash carved out his position as the premier purveyor of bluesy country music around, and his craggy visage is a picture of cool even today.’
    • ‘He's one of the premier players at his position, but all bets are off if Manning gets hurt.’
    • ‘It was a rock star moment, epitomising the event, as truly a celebration of this country's premier rock band.’
    • ‘My understanding is that Leinart is being viewed as the premier player at any position in the draft.’
    • ‘At the same time, they will enhance Dubai's position as premier transit point to destinations around the globe.’
    leading, foremost, chief, principal, head, top-ranking, top, top-tier, prime, primary, first, highest, second to none, pre-eminent, main, senior, outstanding, master
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    1. 1.1 Of earliest creation.
      ‘he holds the premier barony in the UK—created in 1269’
      • ‘I had purchased the premier issue of Black Clock when ‘Debbieland’ first came out.’
      prime, excellent, superb, superior, choice, select, elite, quality, top-quality, top-grade, first-rate, first-class, top-class, high-grade, grade a, best, finest, choicest, superlative, unsurpassed, unexcelled, unparalleled, peerless, second to none
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  • 1A prime minister or other head of government.

    • ‘The spirit of the Constitution tends to favor a dual-executive system, with the right to nominate the premier vested in the president.’
    • ‘The premier told the president that failure to co-operate with The Hague would have disastrous consequences for the country.’
    • ‘But whatever shape the coalition government takes, he said, the right to appoint the premier belongs to the president.’
    • ‘Parliament will then appoint a premier, who in turn will appoint a cabinet.’
    • ‘Grantley Adams, the first premier of Barbados, became the Prime Minister of the Federation.’
    • ‘A glittering audience of presidents, premiers and royalty will attend the inauguration of the president, which will be completed by around midday.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister will also discuss this with the Chinese premier during his forthcoming visit to the UK.’
    • ‘In Lebanon's highly sectarian society the former premier was widely seen as a statesman rather than a Muslim leader.’
    • ‘He is only the second premier to have led Cabinet officials in a walk - out from a legislative session.’
    • ‘The premier hopes it will establish his first foreign policy triumph.’
    • ‘Picco said that, if re-elected, he will again seek a spot on cabinet, but he has no interest in the premier's job.’
    • ‘He also handed over a letter from Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to the Thai premier.’
    • ‘They don't write fairy tales about premiers or presidents.’
    head of government, prime minister, pm, president, chief minister, chancellor
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    1. 1.1 (in Australia and Canada) the chief minister of a government of a state or province.
      • ‘Among others present were Pandor and a number of the new premiers of the nine provinces.’
      • ‘At present the constitution limits the presidency - and the provincial premiers - to two terms of office.’
      • ‘Provincial premiers and territorial leaders called for a new funding partnership for health care at their August meeting.’
      • ‘In 1999, the premiers of Canada's three territories signed a similar agreement, in Iqaluit.’
      • ‘So, the premier wants the Energy Ministry to consider selling the oil bonds to the public first in the next bond offering.’
      • ‘He was asked if he expects to be at the table when the prime minister meets with the premiers on health.’
      • ‘One has to realize that real power lies with a prime minister and a provincial premier.’
      • ‘This week, Canada's provincial premiers will be meeting in Victoria, B.C., and later this month they will meet with the prime minister.’
      • ‘I spent yesterday with the prime minister of Canada and the premier of Alberta, because we're a very big company in Canada.’
      • ‘‘Let's treat Quebec like any other province,’ the other province premiers always say.’
      • ‘A provincial premier has ready access to any number of learned advisors.’
      • ‘In the mid-1850s governors and officials were replaced by premiers and ministers responsible to parliament.’
      • ‘Today he is the Labor premier in Australia's most populous state, with about seven million people.’
      • ‘All of Canada's premiers are to meet at the end of the month in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, to discuss health care.’
      • ‘Subsidized housing popped up all over the States and suddenly the provincial premier was pushing the new mayor to put one up in the red light zone.’
      • ‘Thereafter there will be debate about the new appointments among the cabinet and provincial premiers.’
      chief, head, principal, boss
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Late 15th century: from Old French, ‘first’, from Latin primarius ‘principal’.