Definition of prejudicious in English:



  • Harmful to someone or something; detrimental.

    ‘the conclusions in the annual report of the commission are prejudicious’
    • ‘In a letter, the bishop of Arequipa referred to independence as "irrational, prejudicious, injurious, and criminal before God."’
    • ‘Emotion, if it is excessive, can actually be prejudicious to reason and proper decisions and even impair our memory.’
    • ‘The co-operation or even presence of diseased or infirm people is looked upon as prejudicious to the success of an undertaking.’
    • ‘Sleeping on a post would be a good deal more sensible, unless there's a nail in it, which might be prejudicious for the uniform.’
    • ‘The belief is widespread that uncleanness bears or contains some noxious power which is injurious to health and life and prejudicious to man's higher interests.’
    harmful, damaging, injurious, hurtful, inimical, deleterious, dangerous, destructive, ruinous, calamitous, disastrous, pernicious, environmentally unfriendly, ill, bad, evil, baleful, malign, corrupting, malignant, adverse, undesirable, prejudicial, unfavourable, unfortunate, counterproductive
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Late 16th century: from Latin praejudicium (see prejudice) + -ous.