Definition of preferentially in English:



  • 1In a way that involves preference or partiality; more favourably.

    ‘he was treated preferentially over other customers’
    • ‘Bicycle riders are treated preferentially with facilities, like convenient parking, lockers, and showers.’
    • ‘Larger items were selected preferentially over small ones.’
    • ‘Customers will select preferentially products whose trademarks they identify.’
    • ‘No longer could local governments buy preferentially from local vendors.’
    • ‘I find myself using that address preferentially now.’
    • ‘He showed that basic level terms were used preferentially to describe individual images.’
    • ‘Preferentially, submission should be by email.’
    • ‘Some search engines allow advertisers or fee payers to have their pages displayed preferentially.’
    • ‘We can't be seen to be acting preferentially, whatever we do has to be acceptable to all of them.’
    • ‘Nearly 3 in 4 people think that search engines should not be able to preferentially promote their own services.’
    1. 1.1 With greater likelihood; to a greater degree.
      ‘infection occurs preferentially in early childhood’
      • ‘Males are preferentially affected.’
      • ‘This fungus preferentially inhabits low-lying wet areas.’
      • ‘It tends to preferentially involve trunk and extremities.’
      • ‘Specifically designed oral fluid collection devices preferentially pull this fluid from the capillaries.’
      • ‘Infection occurs preferentially in early childhood and once established tends to persist for years or decades.’