Definition of predynastic in English:



  • Relating to a period before the normally recognized dynasties, especially in ancient Egypt before about 3000 BC.

    • ‘There was a determined attempt to impose order on the multitude of gods and religious beliefs that had existed since predynastic times… and the sun-god Re became the supreme royal god, with the king taking the title of Son of Re ’.’
    • ‘Many terracotta figurines survive from civilizations of the Stone Age, predynastic Egypt, and ancient Crete.’
    • ‘Curtis found that both predynastic Egyptians and Nubians rarely had wisdom teeth problems, but they often existed in persons living in later periods of history.’
    • ‘The acquisition was made up primarily of ancient Egyptian pottery dating from predynastic times to the Roman period and objects of everyday use from Uganda, a region that until that point had been unrepresented in the museum.’
    • ‘She later went on to conduct her own excavations at the predynastic village of North Sapur, Hemmamiya.’