Definition of predominance in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The state or condition of being greater in number or amount.

    ‘the predominance of women in such professions as social work and nursing’
    [in singular] ‘churches with a predominance of African-American members’
    • ‘The reason for the predominance of females in those with this lesion is not known.’
    • ‘Irritable bowel syndrome affects 10% of adults, with unexplained female predominance.’
    • ‘There is an overwhelming predominance of female images in prehistoric art.’
    • ‘The study area is characterized by the predominance of dry pastures and cereal crops.’
    • ‘The predominance of men in physics remains a puzzle.’
    • ‘Despite the predominance of female teachers, administrative positions are held predominantly by men.’
    • ‘Nasdaq, with its predominance of young technology companies, is typically one of the world's most volatile markets.’
    • ‘The predominance of non-indigenous varieties of trees as avenue trees in the city is a fact that tree-lovers have highlighted.’
    • ‘The predominance of females in the patients with a chronic cough is as one may expect.’
    prevalence, dominance, greater amount, greater number, preponderance, majority, bulk
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    1. 1.1The possession or exertion of control or power.
      ‘Hollywood's continued predominance in the international film market’
      • ‘It would be easier to disband this group once the majority is assured of its predominance, but not before that.’
      • ‘If these problems remain unacknowledged and unaddressed, the country may lose its predominance and endanger its security.’
      • ‘The country has always used its economic and military predominance to exert its influence at the Pacific Island Forum.’
      • ‘The ongoing and increasing predominance of English in world culture and commerce will continue to provide many advantages to Britain in many arenas.’
      • ‘Men's predominance in income-earning activities and greater income were translated into greater control over household decision making.’
      • ‘The world has become too large and complex to accept the predominance of one power.’
      • ‘In England, it remained distinctively regional, and was particularly associated with areas of Puritan activism and social predominance like Essex.’
      • ‘Spain's Philip II believed that control of the gold of Peru and silver of Mexico would guarantee his nation's predominance in Europe.’
      supremacy, mastery, control, power, ascendancy, dominance, sway, pre-eminence, superiority, leadership, hegemony, sovereignty
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