Definition of predictive in English:



  • 1Relating to or having the effect of predicting an event or result.

    ‘predictive accuracy’
    ‘rules are not predictive of behaviour’
    • ‘These results provide initial evidence of the predictive validity for the assessment centre.’
    • ‘They have no predictive superiority and are vastly inferior theoretically.’
    • ‘The predictive quality of the model was tested on several independent datasets.’
    • ‘Students get a clear idea of why some models had more predictive power than others.’
    • ‘This information is used to set the system goals through the use of simple or complex predictive models.’
    • ‘The main purpose is briefly to outline how the models differ and to consider which models have the most predictive value for the future.’
    • ‘One part of success is of course predictive success; but what of explanatory success?’
    • ‘It would therefore be possible to combine the predictive effect of these tests using Bayesian analysis.’
    • ‘Families' experiences affect their perceptions of utility of predictive genetic testing.’
    • ‘In practice, scientific laws are simultaneously descriptive, explanatory, and predictive.’
    • ‘They then claim to have estimated the specificity and negative predictive values from these results.’
    • ‘What really makes science different is empirical adequacy and predictive power of models.’
    • ‘It fails to provide a strictly predictive model for even moderately complicated physical situations.’
    • ‘More long term studies are needed to provide data from which the positive and negative predictive values can be calculated.’
    • ‘A close look at the chart reveals that duration is more predictive of the effects than temperature.’
    prophetic, visionary
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    1. 1.1Computing Denoting or relating to a system for using data already stored in a computer or mobile phone to generate the letters or words a user is likely to enter next, on the basis of those that have already been entered.
      ‘the virtual keyboard uses predictive text’
      ‘predictive typing allows you to type faster’
      • ‘If it takes you ages to type stuff, like me, predictive text is a godsend.’
      • ‘The more data the application has access to, the better the predictive abilities, company officials said in a statement.’
      • ‘Both keyboard and pen input support the excellent predictive input software, which can speed up input by about 20%.’
      • ‘For the most part, we've standardized on tiny buttons - in either the keypad or keyboard format, sometimes with the help of predictive software.’
      • ‘Text messaging should be easy as the phone uses T9 predictive text and the large screen can show almost a whole text message at once.’