Definition of predictably in English:



  • In a way that can be predicted; as expected.

    ‘so far the markets have behaved predictably’
    sentence adverb ‘the results were, perhaps predictably, uneven’
    • ‘The kitchen in these clients' house was predictably the most modern-styled room in the house.’
    • ‘Before a realignment, the electorate behaves predictably.’
    • ‘The reception desk in major brand hotels was always, predictably, opposite the main entrance.’
    • ‘It would be simple and convenient if all bacteria reacted predictably.’
    • ‘Predictably, many of the courses' participants are privileged.’
    • ‘Predictably, lack of time, especially a lack of adequate planning time, was the biggest problem.’
    • ‘The media responded predictably to the story.’
    • ‘Predictably enough, the new business doesn't have a lot of cash.’
    • ‘So far the markets have behaved predictably.’
    • ‘By day's end, shares of the two software makers had reacted predictably.’