Definition of prediabetic in English:



  • Relating to or having prediabetes.

    ‘he dropped 30lbs after giving up sugar and starch when he was diagnosed as prediabetic’
    ‘a further 57 million people are considered to be in a prediabetic state’
    • ‘There's no getting around the fact that we are a prediabetic society with an obesity epidemic.’
    • ‘His blood-sugar reading was just below the prediabetic range.’
    • ‘Borderline obese and prediabetic, he realized he had to restore his health and reel in his waistline.’
    • ‘Two years later, he had lost 50 pounds and was no longer prediabetic.’
    • ‘She used to be prediabetic and suffered from thyroid issues.’


  • A person who has prediabetes.

    ‘between five and ten per cent of prediabetics transition to diabetes each year’
    • ‘Weight was marginally higher in prediabetics, but body condition did not indicate obesity.’
    • ‘Prediabetics almost always develop diabetes, and this showed that surgical treatment could put them on a new pathway away from the disease.’
    • ‘Once a person is labeled as a prediabetic, an intervention plan needs to be put in place to prevent the patient from developing diabetes.’
    • ‘A review of the best studies done to date found that the intake of cinnamon by type 2 diabetics or prediabetics does lower their blood glucose significantly.’
    • ‘There are 25 million diagnosed diabetics in the U.S. alone and over 50 million prediabetics.’