Definition of predetermination in English:



  • See predetermine

    • ‘In ‘The Thin Red Line’ nature's beauty and innocence is contrasted with the horror of war, and Bjork's character in ‘Dancer in the Dark’ challenges and defeats the predetermination that a genetic defect will cause her son to go blind.’
    • ‘It touches on predetermination and political responsibility without really delving into anything, as if raising an issue is the same as exploring it.’
    • ‘Ultimately, it's the tension maintained throughout between predetermination and improvisation that gives the recording a feeling of spontaneity and unpredictability that makes for engaging if exhausting listening.’
    • ‘Freedom of the Will, an attempt to reconcile free human agency with God's foreknowledge and predetermination, long remained a central philosophical text.’
    • ‘What the revocation of bail effectively amounted to here was a predetermination, a prejudgment by the trial judge on the question of guilt.’