Definition of predestiny in English:



mass nounrare
  • The belief that all events are determined in advance by divine will or fate.

    • ‘Don't bedazzle me with manifest theory or predestiny doubletalk.’
    • ‘Today's pop philosophers can't help but see signs of hope for the human organism in the emergent organization of slime mold, and a predestiny of collective intelligence in the models of evolution proposed by biologists.’
    • ‘What happens to us, and what we make happen to us, are tangled like predestiny and free will.’
    • ‘The only ways to overcome this curse of predestiny are clever writing and serious, believable realism.’
    • ‘The only argument you can make is that the clone is aware of the specifics of his predestiny, and maybe that interferes with his subjective enjoyment of his (still predetermined) life.’
    fate, destiny, fortune, providence, the stars, god's will, what is written in the stars, one's doom, one's portion, one's lot, one's lot in life, karma, predestination, preordination, predetermination, what is to come, the writing on the wall
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