Definition of preconception in English:



  • A preconceived idea or prejudice.

    • ‘The best thing about the spelling bee was that all my preconceptions - mostly clichés - came true.’
    • ‘Musically it is guaranteed to shatter any preconceptions about opera as a genre, certainly any notion of a homogenous genre.’
    • ‘The idea was to challenge my preconceptions and I got very angry.’
    • ‘Again, however, there are subtleties and many preconceptions and prejudices.’
    • ‘Choreographer, curator and video artist, he likes to combine disciplines to subvert our preconceptions.’
    • ‘He has already managed to get over his initial preconceptions of the country, which were based on a lack of knowledge.’
    • ‘The people you would expect to approve are cheering to see their preconceptions confirmed.’
    • ‘A good many assumptions and preconceptions were challenged and some overturned.’
    • ‘Either he has found his stride or I have gotten over my preconceptions.’
    • ‘The idea was that a language should be described without any preconceptions of what it might turn out to be like.’
    • ‘So much of being a performer is about image, press, and how you're received - as well as the preconceptions of others.’
    • ‘But to spend time in Craig's company is to have any lingering preconceptions about him swiftly dispelled.’
    • ‘What we discovered has blown apart all pre-conceived preconceptions of the 19th century.’
    • ‘Full and free discussion even of ideas we hate encourages the testing of our own prejudices and preconceptions.’
    • ‘Due to my preconceptions of Beck, I anticipated an offbeat performance full of weird and wild antics.’
    • ‘It was just what I needed and took me out of myself, I met people that didn't have any preconceptions of me so I could just be as I felt.’
    • ‘Some people have preconceptions when it comes to these matters.’
    • ‘I try not to arrive with any preconceptions, so that I can just enjoy the meal.’
    • ‘At once the preconception was shattered, and once the mental image was lost, it could not be easily restored.’
    • ‘The little ones from prep school were there, and because they had no preconceptions and just felt the energy of the sound, they loved it.’
    preconceived idea, preconceived notion, presupposition, assumption, presumption, prejudgement, expectation, prepossession
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