Definition of preclude in English:



[with object]
  • 1Prevent from happening; make impossible.

    ‘the secret nature of his work precluded official recognition’
    • ‘I have the sense that while this is at the top of the list, they're not precluding any other avenues right now.’
    • ‘There are other statutory rules which will preclude a successful claim for infringement of a right under civil law.’
    • ‘Many reports use research designs with low internal validity, precluding a complete functional analysis.’
    • ‘It precludes people from taking the legal route if they are unhappy with the service provided following assessment.’
    • ‘Also, any space between the floor and the bottom of the machines is blocked with wire to prevent tools from rolling under the machines, thereby precluding the need for workers to reach under to retrieve them.’
    • ‘A rider must be visible at all times in order to preclude collisions from happening.’
    • ‘On the Western Front, above all, in any given battle, defenders proved able to block a breach faster than attackers could move orders or reinforcements to exploit it, thus precluding a decisive breakthrough.’
    • ‘The enormity of the issues seems to be precluding a more thoughtful approach and use of local resources.’
    • ‘However, there is no special rule precluding liability in all cases of group or class defamation.’
    • ‘Lack of government initiative and low literacy rates preclude effective prevention programmes.’
    • ‘This being so I do not think the rules preclude the court from allowing the landlords' intervention.’
    • ‘The problem started with imported weeds, which took hold in the Kimberley and were alleged to be precluding cattle access to the rivers.’
    • ‘It is likely, according to Duchas, that medieval fabric may be detected in this area were the buildings to be demolished, precluding the re-development of the site anyway.’
    • ‘In the run up to the recent publication of its results, the bank was precluded from buying shares under stock exchange rules.’
    • ‘Space precludes a full definition here, but suffice it to say that recent statistics suggest that only half of such cases are admitted to hospital.’
    • ‘The federal government has done nothing to eliminate laws precluding the sale of savings banks, or Sparkassen.’
    • ‘They did not preclude national rules to control television advertising designed to protect consumers.’
    • ‘It precludes the close scrutiny needed to understand and prevent abuse.’
    prevent, make it impossible for, make it impracticable for, rule out, put a stop to, stop, prohibit, debar, interdict, block, bar, hinder, impede, inhibit, exclude, disqualify, forbid
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    1. 1.1preclude someone from (of a situation or condition) prevent someone from doing something.
      ‘his difficulties preclude him from leading a normal life’
      • ‘He used to like to play many sports but the time factor precludes him from most sports.’
      • ‘The cap and gown requirement does not preclude him from wearing his uniform under the gown.’
      • ‘Nothing in the laws of physics would have precluded Archimedes from building and employing this extraordinary defensive weapon.’
      • ‘Of course, clauses exist that require pilots to report any conditions that would preclude them from safe flying, but the same is true with driving.’
      • ‘Having to work at his business after school precluded Jerry from participating in more traditional high school sports.’
      • ‘The attorney general's filed affidavits that preclude us from ever seeing them.’
      • ‘As I see it the recital does not preclude Mr Khan from saying that though the price had been determined it had been determined incorrectly.’
      • ‘He increasingly distances himself from the question of whether or not aliens exist in the physical world, focusing more on a ‘consensus reality’ that precludes us from even entertaining such a possibility.’
      • ‘The shock of what he saw and heard has, as I write, put him into a condition that precludes him from talking about it.’
      • ‘The results indicate that the bones of the skull would not preclude Neandertals from looking like people you would not greatly comment on (apart from hair and dress style) if they moved in next door to you today.’
      • ‘I'm sorry that the training place I'm at doesn't allow internet access in the classrooms, which precluded me from actually taking part.’
      • ‘As a Catholic, she was looked upon with suspicion by the government and the people of England - a situation that precluded her from being at her husband's side during his coronation.’
      • ‘Ethel Merman was said to have given one of the all-time classic performances when she played Mama Rose in Gypsy, but that didn't preclude Angela Lansbury from doing a version that many preferred.’
      • ‘The main problem with this whole comic business, at least for me, is that it's very logistically difficult to run a mail-order business when your work hours preclude you from ever being able to go to the post office.’
      • ‘That doesn't preclude us from, at any point in time, stating that it's not cost-effective to keep the capability going.’
      • ‘The rules of judicial ethics preclude him from commenting publicly on pending or impending litigation or participating in politics, as by endorsing candidates.’


Late 15th century (in the sense ‘bar a route or passage’): from Latin praecludere, from prae ‘before’ + claudere ‘to shut’.