Definition of precious little (or few) in English:

precious little (or few)


  • Extremely little or few (used for emphasis)

    ‘police still know precious little about the dead man’
    ‘you'll find precious few attractions open outside the tourist season’
    • ‘In 80 minutes of solid endeavour, there was precious little grunt and grind.’
    • ‘But, the room is large enough to be turned into a storage area, in a flat that has precious little of that in the first place.’
    • ‘Whatever the figure, it leaves precious little time to develop alternative sources.’
    • ‘Sports ministers of successive governments have done precious little to promote sports.’
    • ‘What goes on in his mind - precious little, the evidence would suggest - is of little interest.’
    • ‘When what was to become York's prime rugby league club was first founded it had precious little money and no permanent home.’
    • ‘Let's face it, there's precious little to watch here other than the coming and going and the doings of neighbours.’
    • ‘That leaves precious little time to settle in and be ready for the big end of year holiday when the whole country takes three to four weeks off.’
    • ‘The remedy for those of nervous disposition was a mundane first half which provided precious little of consequence.’
    • ‘There's precious little of my own life experience up on that screen.’