Definition of preceptory in English:



  • 1A subordinate community of the Knights Templars; the provincial estate or manor supporting such a community; the buildings in which such a community was housed.

  • 2A local division of the Royal Black Institution, a society established in Northern Ireland to promote Protestant and Loyalist principles; especially in "(Royal) Black Preceptory".


  • Preceptive.


Early 16th century. From post-classical Latin praeceptoria, use as noun (perhaps short for praeceptoria domus) of feminine singular of praeceptorius<br>late 16th century; earliest use found in Anthony Anderson (d. 1593), Church of England clergyman and theological writer. From post-classical Latin praeceptorius giving instructions (730 in a British source; frequently 1204–1448 in British sources) from classical Latin praecept-, past participial stem of praecipere to give instruction, to advise, to order, command + -ōrius.