Definition of preamp in English:



  • short for preamplifier
    • ‘Also, you get what you pay for, so if reliability is an issue, then spend a little more and get something solid, especially with products such as mics or preamps that you may be using 10 or 20 years from now.’
    • ‘There are some old mics and mic preamps that I'd like to get my hands on that would help us achieve the sound we want, but unfortunately they're not cheap and are pretty rare.’
    • ‘Of course, if you never record acoustic sources and only use synths plugged in directly, you don't need microphones or preamps.’
    • ‘The same certainly applies to computers and low-end cards with built-in mic preamps, where the performance is mediocre at best.’
    • ‘The quality of the mic preamps is similar to what you would get from a medium-price, small-format mixer.’
    • ‘During the early '60s, he built consoles, preamps and record electronics.’
    • ‘Built into the stand is a simple 4-channel mixer, including mic preamps and effects inserts on two channels, as well as three 275-watt power amps.’
    • ‘Whether in a guitar amp or a mic preamp, a high-gain circuit is the perfect rig for noise tests.’
    • ‘Of course you could go up a stage and get a preamp with a professional mic but this will start running into dollars and the whole aim of this article is to help you get started.’
    • ‘Once considered an anomaly, multichannel mic preamps are becoming more commonplace.’
    • ‘But beyond acting simply as a preamp, the unit's recording outputs are designed to capture the sound of a tube amp reacting to a dynamically active speaker load, with a studio mic reproducing all of the nuances in detail.’
    • ‘He thought he probably had experienced her degree of hearing sensitivity once, while wearing headphones connected to a microphone preamp with the gain all the way up.’
    • ‘The studio is filled with vintage microphones, preamps, compressors and consoles.’
    • ‘He is hoping to finish his control room, produce an instructional video, build a few mic preamps and compressors and lose 20 pounds in the year 2004.’
    • ‘Ideally, if we were some famously wealthy band, we would have had a rack of 40 preamps on the road with us for the recording, but we don't have that.’
    • ‘In this case, someone's setup would be improved with a better mic and a mid-line preamp.’
    • ‘Highly regarded as a manufacturer of precision microphones and mic preamps, it now turns its attention to the opposite end of the signal chain.’
    • ‘I used the preamp by itself with a variety of mics and it was remarkable.’
    • ‘The one caveat is true of all ribbons: Make sure your preamp is the correct recording companion.’
    • ‘One way to help add real analog punch to your software electric piano, organ or even synthesizer is with an instrument preamp.’