Definition of preadolescent in English:



  • 1(of a child) having nearly reached adolescence.

    ‘preadolescent girls’
    • ‘The qualities aimed for are those prized by pre-adolescent children: noise, distraction, and nervous excitement.’
    • ‘Because his or her body is not ready yet, do not encourage your pre-adolescent child to participate in adult-style physical activity such as long jogs, using an exercise bike or treadmill, or lifting heavy weights.’
    • ‘For having fought enemy armies, they were apparently helpless in the face of five pre-adolescent girls.’
    • ‘It really was an pre-adolescent boy's world for a while.’
    • ‘It homogenises things around the key demographic of the show (adolescent and pre-adolescent kids, particularly girls) to an unfortunate degree - but hey - this is commercial TV.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to the two or three years preceding adolescence.
      ‘Mozart's preadolescent sonatas’


  • A preadolescent child.

    • ‘When the war ends, the city is left with gangs of pre-adolescents armed to the teeth, who have neither qualms about murder nor basic reading and writing skills.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the duration of the vaccine's effectiveness is not known, which means these pre-adolescents may end up needing boosters before they go off to college - when they'll be at a higher risk of catching the disease.’
    • ‘It was hilarious nightmare fodder on a grand scale, the kind of misguided kiddy show that startled more pre-adolescents than it satisfied.’
    • ‘Still other camps serve pre-adolescents who, bubbling and tripping along with enthusiasm and zeal, are clamoring to figure out the concept of ‘us.’’
    • ‘She reveals, albeit incidentally, what makes ballroom practice so universal for these pre-adolescents: each wants to fit in and each has a keen desire to understand the adult world.’