Definition of preadapt in English:



[with object]Biology
  • Adapt (an organism or part of an organism) for life in conditions it has yet to encounter.

    ‘the insulation of marine mammals in temperate seas preadapts them for polar seas’
    • ‘Because all the known theropods were terrestrial predators, he suggested that the flight feathers must have elongated in the context of insect traps and were later preadapted for flight.’
    • ‘Their search for food may lead them north, with resource-driven elevational migratory tendencies preadapting them for long-distance migratory behavior.’
    • ‘From the moment of birth, our limbic system is preadapted to connect with our caretakers, just as the limbic systems of our caretakers are exquisitely designed to connect with us.’
    • ‘Such genes would, therefore, appear to be preadapted to regulate the expression of the related gene through an antisense mechanism; this is a function that is entirely unlike that of the original gene.’
    • ‘Future research should focus on such traits of cowbird relatives and on how these traits preadapted a particular lineage to become parasites.’