Definition of preacher bench in English:

preacher bench


  • An apparatus on which weightlifting exercises are performed, having a seat and a padded bar at chest height to support the arms.

    • ‘It's amazing how much power you can apply on a preacher bench, especially with a dumbbell.’
    • ‘A one-arm dumbbell curl on a preacher bench enables me to apply power-isolation to areas that cannot be reached by two-arm curls.’
    • ‘Here are some tips to ensure an effective dumbbell or barbell workout on a preacher bench.’
    • ‘Flip the pad on a preacher bench so your chest and abs rest on the inclined side and your arms lie along the flat, vertical side.’
    • ‘If you don't have access to a preacher bench, try these exercises, which also isolate the biceps and its aspects effectively.’