Definition of pre-tension in English:



  • 1 Apply tension to (an object) before manufacture or use.

    ‘the safety system pre-tensions the seat belts’
    • ‘Using the car's many electronic sensors, Pre-Safe can anticipate an accident and pre-tension seatbelts, close windows and move seats into the optimum position before the worst happens.’
    • ‘If the sensor net determined that a collision was imminent, the system could brake the vehicle, pre-charge the airbags, pre-tension the seatbelts, and plot a path to impact that would result in the least likelihood of injury or death.’
    • ‘The Musso also has ABS brakes, traction control, driver's side airbag, pre-tensioned safety belts and side impact protection bars.’
    • ‘The passenger bag was an option, but standard also was side impact protection, pre-tensioning seatbelts, and anti-dive front seats.’
    • ‘Mercedes has a similar system on the S-Class called ‘Pre-Safe’ that pre-tensions the seatbelts, adjusts the seats to their optimal crash position if necessary, and closes the sunroof should the vehicle skid.’
    1. 1.1Strengthen (reinforced concrete) by applying tension to the reinforcing rods before the concrete has set.
      • ‘Pretension stiffens cables against deflection, and fabric or foil, also pre-tensioned, can be used between the cables to create very large spans.’
      • ‘Concrete can be prestressed in a factory by tensioning the steel reinforcement first and then placing concrete around it - ‘pre-tensioned’ reinforcement.’
      • ‘Dowel bars are similar steel bars installed across joints to provide resistance to shear, but are not pre-tensioned.’
      • ‘Effectively an evolution of the familiar DSC traction control system, DSC + offers a range of benefits, including brake standby that pre-tensions the brakes when the driver quickly removes the pressure from the accelerator pedal.’
      • ‘Sensors will detect out-of-position occupants and smart belts will pre-tension to position your body correctly so the airbag can intercept you properly.’