Definition of pre-service in English:



  • Relating to the period before a person takes a job that requires training.

    ‘pre-service courses for graduates’
    • ‘The pre-service teachers began planning lessons on the Civil Rights Movement, local heroes, Southern values, Confederate generals, and stereotypes.’
    • ‘George E. Reese, associate administrator of the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs at NASA Headquarters, says the pre-service teacher program fits in well with NASA's mission.’
    • ‘One pre-service teacher shared, ‘I think this is a great poem to show children how plain life would be without them having dreams.’’
    • ‘It is fair to say that we need to continue to do some more work on the pre-service training of teachers, to keep on improving the standards.’
    • ‘I think being an MP must have the least pre-service training of any job with similar responsibilities.’
    • ‘Additionally, once they become bilingual pre-service teachers, they are often not provided the support needed to be successful during their teacher preparation programs.’
    • ‘When Cindy supervised one of my student teachers and offered to place some pre-service educators from the English Education methods course with me, the other benefits of partnership surfaced.’
    • ‘Although the high school students are positioned as authorities in the pre-service teachers' preparation, it is a gradual process through which the pre-service teachers learn to listen to the students and then begin to learn from them.’
    • ‘Could this perceived level of preparation be related to pre-service training?’
    • ‘However, the undergraduate pre-service teachers' results showed that teachers in their areas of assignment are incorporating significantly the use of technology in their subject areas.’
    • ‘The high school students share their views on these issues, and all of their meetings are audio taped, transcribed, and included in the pre-service teachers' required readings for my course.’
    • ‘The pre-service teachers were instructed on procedures for completing the interview properly and some pre-service teachers conducted follow-up interview sessions as needed.’
    • ‘The students, also referred to as pre-service teachers, chose from 36 hands-on workshops led by area public school teachers, NASA scientists, college faculty and representatives from the technology industry.’
    • ‘This study sought to determine whether pre-service teachers and veteran teachers in the master teacher program hold similar or different perceptions regarding teacher use of technology in their areas of assignment.’
    • ‘The pre-service teachers were encouraged to bring their own personal experiences to the discussion, and the instructors served as facilitators to raise issues of cultural and linguistic diversity.’
    • ‘Both university pre-service and practicing classroom teachers will have the opportunity to engage in special professional development activities focused on space science education.’
    • ‘The American pre-service teachers' ratings for Lucy Marie's essay titled ‘The Summer Vacation in Japan and the United States’ appear in Table 2.’
    • ‘As the conversation turned from shared readings to the language arts programs in general, all three pre-service teachers were very concerned about infusing the child's culture and language into the curriculum.’