Definition of Pre-Raphaelitism in English:



  • See Pre-Raphaelite

    • ‘Greenough discusses an affiliation with Pre-Raphaelitism, but it is doubtful that Fenton shared the Pre-Raphaelites' then-controversial goals for artistic reform.’
    • ‘Hunt's efforts brought about a fashion in Boston for French paintings, causing the local devotees of British Pre-Raphaelitism to rise up in arms.’
    • ‘Gothicism; Pre-Raphaelitism and the Arts and Crafts movement; Modernism: all are represented strongly in this autumn's exhibitions.’
    • ‘Hunt's reaction was to develop his own unique blend of Pre-Raphaelitism.’
    • ‘For him Pre-Raphaelitism appeared to be an integral part of a concerted cultural conspiracy to put the clock back.’