Definition of pre-plan in English:



[WITH OBJECT]usually as adjective pre-planned
  • Plan in advance.

    ‘a pre-planned route’
    • ‘In the evening, they gather at some pre-planned venue, usually the middle of a village, collect the people living nearby and perform for two to three hours.’
    • ‘‘Certainly we are very confident that the attack was pre-planned - there is no question about that,’ he said.’
    • ‘The yard says it was a pre-planned, ongoing intelligence-led operation.’
    • ‘Mr Whyman said initial investigations suggested the violence, in which a chemist's shop was looted and set on fire, did not appear to be pre-planned.’
    • ‘What happened, allegedly, was that these writers never pre-planned their novels: they simply sat down at their desks and embarked on the great adventure of writing fiction.’
    • ‘There was also evidence that I had already arranged to go fishing the following morning, so it was not like there was some pre-planned wilful murder as the Crown alleged.’
    • ‘Instead, he railed against the ‘calculated, pre-planned wickedness’ of the boys.’
    • ‘It's believed their disappearance had been pre-planned.’
    • ‘You can see these patterns develop in Scotland's play and, when these pre-planned drills creep in, the players appear to lose their concentration and composure.’
    • ‘Safety and security of supply demand that they operate to stringent standards and create a mindset that is preconditioned towards conformity and pre-planned behaviour.’
    • ‘The majority seemed to think the whole thing was a pre-planned publicity stunt.’
    • ‘Everything must be pre-planned, controlled, decided in advance in accord with our vision of how it should be.’
    • ‘The report says that the incident was pre-planned, based on information given by a railway employee.’
    • ‘She can handle just about any form of behaviour within an intimate relationship, so long as it is pre-planned, pre-agreed and regulated.’
    • ‘A jury at Leeds Crown Court has heard that the attackers had pre-planned the fight as a revenge attack and had gathered together various weapons.’
    • ‘The schemes for each room evolved, rather than being pre-planned on paper.’
    • ‘He added the defendant, who had been living apart from his wife for some time, had not pre-planned the fraud and afterwards admitted he was ‘crazy’ to have done it.’
    deliberate, calculated, conscious, done on purpose, intended, planned, meant, considered, studied, knowing, wilful, wanton, purposeful, purposive, purposed, premeditated, pre-planned, thought out in advance, prearranged, preconceived, predetermined
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