Definition of pre-pack in English:


(also pre-package)


[with object]usually as adjective pre-packed
  • Pack or wrap (goods, especially food) on the site of production or before sale.

    ‘pre-packed salmon steaks’
    • ‘Much of my food is pre-packaged, and not locally sourced.’
    • ‘Rye Valley Foods makes pre-packed meals for major supermarket chains.’
    • ‘Speaking in an interview, Mr Dodia said the private sector would also like a tariff adjustment on packaged goods so that bulk packed goods attract a much lower tax than pre-packed goods.’
    • ‘The Awards aim to improve retail sales of fresh and pre-packed seafood, while maintaining a focus on motivating staff members.’
    • ‘If you've been stupid enough to forget your picnic basket, never fear because your local council will have opened up a small kiosk selling weak tea, Cornettos and pre-packed biscuits.’
    • ‘Even the Canadian Parliament has required stricter nutritional labeling of all pre-packaged goods to come in effect by 2006.’
    • ‘The pharmacy was required to dispense six pre-packed capsules to named patients.’
    • ‘Though they were all tasty, the best of the bunch was the salami - nicely spicy, and very tender, nothing like the hard discs you find topping pre-packed pizza.’
    • ‘He explained that under the Food Labelling Regulations 1996, pre-packed food has to be marked with either a use-by or a best-before date.’
    • ‘We do offer pre-packed meat, but in several superstores we also have trained butchers who can cut the meat and offer advice on how to cook it too.’
    • ‘Normally, I'm not a fan of such pre-packaged food.’
    • ‘Does the weight loss Program or Product involve meal replacements e.g. powdered drinks and/or pre-packaged food?’
    • ‘These are the best pre-packaged cookies you will ever taste.’
    • ‘Luke washed his face, brushed his teeth, and grabbed his backpack, pre-packed the night before.’
    • ‘What customers get is knowledge that is pre-packed, shallow, mass-produced and inflexible.’
    • ‘More than 130 pre-packaged foods, including tinned food, sauces, dried food and drinks, were collected from shops by the department.’
    • ‘In addition, a variety of products will be pre-packaged making it more suitable for buyers.’