Definition of pre-owned in English:



North American
  • Second-hand.

    ‘a pre-owned motorhome’
    • ‘A good portion of the cost can be reduced by using pre-owned equipment.’
    • ‘Beginning March 1, Richmond residents can take their pre-owned hockey equipment to their local Ford dealers to support a used hockey equipment drive for our local youth.’
    • ‘Perhaps another car will do - we have several pre-owned selections that are also very nice.’
    • ‘In the first of this three-part series on buying used guns we'll learn what to look for when considering the purchase of a pre-owned semiautomatic handgun.’
    • ‘The pre-owned market is artificially propped up because there aren't any real replacements.’
    • ‘At ‘True Value’ showrooms, you can get the value of your old car assessed scientifically and exchange it for a new or re-conditioned pre-owned vehicle.’
    • ‘If you don't mind buying pre-owned, there are some great deals on the sales boards of watch enthusiast websites.’
    • ‘About used cars, Ortiz says, ‘We have a pre-owned Ford site today in five markets throughout the United States.’’
    • ‘Our experts say the best way to protect your investment is to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle.’
    • ‘Even most standard pre-owned vehicle extended warranties offer much more protection than most ‘certified’ used car warranties.’
    • ‘While new vehicle sales will likely decline in May and June, coming off of a record first quarter, that doesn't mean the market will improve for pre-owned vehicles.’
    • ‘At fifteen minutes to one, they parked an immaculate pre-owned red sports car in the hotel car park.’
    • ‘‘So I was not convinced it was for me,’ said Clive, as he toyed lovingly with the electronic key fob for his pre-owned Mini.’
    • ‘The marketing research company in Brandon, Oregon, reports that 816,604 certified pre-owned cars were sold in 2001.’
    • ‘So we started - we said, ‘Let's do a convoy, and drive a bunch of vehicles, pre-owned cars and trailers, down here.’’
    second-hand, used, nearly new, handed-down, passed-on, cast-off, worn, old
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