Definition of pre-exposure in English:



  • Previous or premature exposure to something, especially to a disease or infection.

    as modifier ‘pre-exposure vaccination’
    • ‘Recommendations for groups of people who should receive routine pre-exposure vaccinations are given in the accompanying table.’
    • ‘The CDC is not recommending pre-exposure vaccination for unexposed veterinarians, veterinary staff, or animal control officers, unless such persons are involved in field investigations.’
    • ‘Because we did not have neurobehavioral test results preexposure, the reasonable alternative was to calculate expected values.’
    • ‘Four groups received preexposure to the sage-flavored diet.’
    • ‘In the past few months, however, a change in immunisation policy means that human normal immunoglobulin will no longer be available to travellers in England and Wales for pre-exposure hepatitis A prophylaxis.’
    • ‘Most studies investigating the relationship between preexposure bronchial reactivity and the response to cotton dust inhalation have shown consistent results.’
    • ‘Veterinarians, spelunkers (cave explorers), certain animal handlers and some laboratory workers should receive pre-exposure protection and boosters every two years or periodic measurement of their antibody level.’
    • ‘After this 5-min pre-exposure period, the partition between the two opponent tanks was removed, and the paired opponents were allowed to interact for 20 min.’
    • ‘Indications for pre-exposure rabies immunization depend on the likelihood of exposure.’
    • ‘However for this system, unlike others described below, the temperature recorded at failure is not affected by pre-exposure to stressful conditions.’
    • ‘If you have already been vaccinated before being bitten (the pre-exposure vaccine), two doses of the rabies vaccine will be given: one at the time of the bite, and one 3-7 days later.’
    • ‘So what happens if you get bitten and you haven't had the pre-exposure vaccine?’
    • ‘The article warns that the immune response to pre-exposure vaccination may be impaired by concurrent use of antimalarial drugs.’
    • ‘Smallpox vaccination is not recommended for children in a pre-exposure situation because of the risk of adverse reactions.’
    • ‘Follow-up levels were comparable with initial preexposure levels.’
    • ‘Rarely, an individual may have a medical condition - such as certain types of eczema or psoriasis - for which a doctor recommends pre-exposure to ultraviolet light before vacationing in a sunny climate.’
    • ‘While influenza alone caused an increase in lung weight, preexposure to ultraviolet light did not increase this further.’
    • ‘The most effective way to prevent transmission of infectious diseases, including hepatitis A and B, is through pre-exposure immunization.’
    • ‘We kept only yearling males to minimize preexposure to the pathogens used in this study.’