Definition of pre-European in English:



  • Occurring or existing before the arrival of the first Europeans in a particular place, typically Australia, New Zealand, or America.

    ‘pre-European religions’
    • ‘Third, the common law that the Crown brought with it recognises the notion of native or customary title that derives from pre-European settlement times.’
    • ‘Two of them are Maori: the Ratana Movement and Ringatu - melding pre-European Maori spirituality with Christian insights.’
    • ‘The motorway would obliterate a rich repository of pre-European and colonial history.’
    • ‘I seek leave of the House to table the pages within The Oxford History of New Zealand referring to the lifespan of pre-European Maori being less than 30 years of age.’
    • ‘The southern tribes had been the sole pre-European proprietors, licensees and miners of pounamu, defending their business against all comers.’
    • ‘He was not aware the pre-European Maori had used the materials that he sees have been used in the boat shed.’
    • ‘We moved straight from the Pre-European period to the eighteenth/nineteenth century colonial period.’
    • ‘The Auckland isthmus was so prized and fought over in pre-European times, it became known as Tamaki Makaurau - land of many lovers.’
    • ‘New Zealand had a Pre-European period rather than a mediaeval culture in these islands.’
    • ‘The way I understand it, your pre-European indigenous person was also apt to tuck into the flesh of a fellow indigenous person.’