Definition of pre-decided in English:



  • Decided or established in advance.

    ‘assemble at a pre-decided place’
    • ‘He's keeping his eyes open and does not appear to be selecting information on the basis of support for a pre-decided result.’
    • ‘Instead, the policy was pre-decided, the desired facts were predetermined, and the intelligence agencies were told to justify it.’
    • ‘You will know that on occasions, Government is accused of appropriating elements of research for its pre-decided purposes.’
    • ‘The students were in groups of friends following their pre-decided routes.’
    • ‘How long has it been since we saw a convention actually choose the candidate, rather than the whole thing being pre-decided in the primaries?’
    • ‘They should really stop doing studies which try to prove pre-decided points with lots of backwards logic.’
    • ‘Linking food allocations with centrally pre-decided quotas regardless of the reality on the ground is a method to reduce the share of the poor in national resources.’
    • ‘To get an idea of what he felt like, try stopping a stopwatch when it is showing a pre-decided number of milliseconds.’
    • ‘We were at the mercy of the winds completely; nothing could be pre-decided.’
    • ‘The contest tested participants' versatility in arguing both for and against a pre-decided topic.’
    prearranged, arranged in advance, established in advance, set, fixed, preset, pre-agreed, pre-established, pre-planned, agreed, settled
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