Definition of pre-cook in English:



[with object]
  • Cook in advance.

    ‘I pre-cooked the potatoes and corn just a bit to cut down on the oven time’
    • ‘Instant, or ‘five-minute’ polenta, is pre-cooked maize flour that has been dried and remilled.’
    • ‘The new brand of packaged case-ready products covers a variety of fresh, frozen and marinated pre-cooked meat and pork items in the retail meat case.’
    • ‘I can never understand why most fish pie recipes require you to pre-cook the fish in milk, then subject it to 30 minutes in the oven.’
    • ‘Partly pre-cook meat in the stove or microwave to reduce the grilling time.’
    • ‘Canning was perfected in the early 1800s and quickly became popular as a convenient, cheap, and safe method of conserving pre-cooked food.’
    • ‘If necessary pre-cook indoors and finish on the barbecue,’ he added.’
    • ‘There were no nutritional supplements, no vitamin enriched pre-cooked dinners here.’
    • ‘They could pre-cook their burgers and have them ready and hot for customers when they arrived.’
    • ‘It can't be pre-cooked, sauced, injected, marinated, or cured in any way, before inspection.’
    • ‘If possible, pre-cook all poultry in the microwave, then take them straight to the barbecue to finish them off.’
    • ‘Frozen, pre-cooked meat can be replaced by fresh meat cooked there and then.’
    pre-prepared, ready prepared, ready mixed, pre-cooked, fast, easy to prepare, quick to prepare, easy to make, quick to make, microwaveable, convenience, tv
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