Definition of pre-agreed in English:



  • Discussed and agreed in advance.

    ‘you have the right to sell your stock at a pre-agreed price’
    • ‘This gave him the right to buy dollars in the future at a pre-agreed price.’
    • ‘In many cases, their involvement is limited to endorsing pre-agreed EU policies, without having a real chance to influence them.’
    • ‘Agencies are usually paid pre-agreed fees for their work, meaning they can't cash in on ideas that boost their clients' profits.’
    • ‘Instead they are paid a pre-agreed lump sum at a pre-agreed date usually about eight years after making their initial investment.’
    • ‘The partnership leases the turbines to the operator of the wind farm for a pre-agreed period of time, usually seven years.’
    • ‘Dinner guests are expected to bring a gift, however modest, and this is usually a bottle of wine, flowers, or a pre-agreed desert or cheese dish.’
    • ‘Profits are shared on a pre-agreed ratio, while losses are borne by the investor alone.’
    • ‘A fixed-rate deal is ideal if you want to lock away a set amount of money for a pre-agreed period of time.’
    • ‘Personal accident policies pay the pre-agreed levels of benefit to persons injured if an accident occurs within the terms of the policy.’
    • ‘In a time of vapid politicians who only speak from pre-agreed scripts, a bit of colour, rank mischief and sharp politics cannot go amiss.’
    • ‘Alternatively, prior to the pre-agreed date for sale of the warrant, you can trade the warrant itself on the stock market.’
    prearranged, arranged in advance, established in advance, set, fixed, preset, pre-established, pre-planned, pre-decided, agreed, settled
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