Definition of prayer wheel in English:

prayer wheel


  • A small revolving cylinder inscribed with or containing prayers, a revolution of which symbolizes the repetition of a prayer, used by Tibetan Buddhists.

    • ‘Here the prayer wheel's deconstruction read as a symbolic act of irony, violence and sacrilege, but it also hinted as well at the potential for reconstitution and reconciliation.’
    • ‘We'll just give it a spin now and the bell sounds on each revolution of the prayer wheel.’
    • ‘The principal mantra of the Buddhists, it is also found inscribed on prayer wheels.’
    • ‘The above reminds me of prayer wheels as well.’
    • ‘If there weren't, I'd give up my profession and start spinning prayer wheels.’
    • ‘They also believe you can produce the same effect by spinning the written form of the mantra around in a prayer wheel (called ‘Mani wheels’ by the Tibetans).’
    • ‘Hand-held prayer wheels are constantly twirled and the 108 beaded rosary which all Tibetans finger, one by one, keep these people communing with the gods in conversations which last a lifetime.’
    • ‘Its external walls are surrounded by rows of prayer wheels.’
    • ‘Enter Buddhism in the search box for a set of links to resources, including artefacts such as prayer wheels, a bell and Buddha statues.’
    • ‘Old folks bask in the sun drinking chang or the butter tea, chatting about the good old days in Tibet with their prayer wheels in their hand, while the youngsters are scattered all over the world, studying, working.’
    • ‘The Anjue Monastery is fairly quiet, with several monks and a few prayer wheels.’
    • ‘Buddhists with their prayer wheels can be seen performing the parikrama around the Jokhang, built between 639 and 647 A.D. by King Songtsen Gampo to house an image of the Buddha brought by his Nepalese wife, Princess Bhrikuti.’
    • ‘Or perhaps it's the colour of air that has been permeated with the mantras from the numerous prayer flags, mani stones, prayer wheels and chanting monks.’
    • ‘Every so often there would be a flash of yellow silk as a group of Burmese monks circambulated the shrine, prayer wheels spinning.’
    • ‘Thus is the Tibetan prayer wheel the true emblem of belief as such.’
    • ‘Tibetans follow their own unique form of Buddhism, called Tantric or Lamaistic Buddhism, which incorporates many traditions of the indigenous religion called bon, including prayer flags and prayer wheels and a mystical element.’
    • ‘A huge prayer wheel stands like a tower in one chamber.’
    • ‘Visual aids to understanding are very common in Tibetan Buddhism - pictures, structures of various sorts and public prayer wheels and flags provide an ever-present reminder of the spiritual domain in the physical world.’


prayer wheel