Definition of prayer mat in English:

prayer mat

(also prayer rug)


  • A small carpet used by Muslims for kneeling on when praying.

    • ‘When it was time for him to say his prayers, he went into the next room with his prayer rug, said his prayers, and then came out again, and we continued the conversation where we had just left off.’
    • ‘The Bedouins are known for their weaving of fabrics, including carpets and prayer rugs made on hand-built looms, and traditional clothing that is painstakingly embroidered.’
    • ‘He then spreads out his prayer mat, facing Mecca.’
    • ‘Also carry a prayer mat in case there is too much rush and you have to say prayers in the open.’
    • ‘He got out his prayer rug, a beautiful melting pot of interwoven colors.’
    • ‘The Koran lays down a precise ritual wherein the prayer mat is on the axis towards Mecca.’
    • ‘Shortly after claiming our seats in the waiting area a group of three men approached this object and carefully spread a prayer rug out before it.’
    • ‘The devout unroll a small prayer rug and face Mecca to pray.’
    • ‘Another wall was dominated by a 17 th-century Dutch Torah mantle, and the fourth contained a pair of 19 th-century Islamic prayer rugs from Turkey.’
    • ‘Particularly striking to me was the room with a medieval crucifix, a standing Buddha, two Muslim prayer rugs, a late-seventeenth-century Torah mantle, and a plaster cast of Michelangelo's Dying Slave.’
    • ‘Women must draw a white gown called a mukena over their clothes which covers hair, arms, hands, body and feet, and then they kneel on a prayer mat to begin their devotions.’
    • ‘Make the youngest one the salat manager at home, taking care of prayer rugs, timing, and inviting everyone to salat.’
    • ‘When he woke in the morning, he would find her sitting on the prayer mat with the Koran in her hands, fast asleep.’
    • ‘Examples are given in details of prayer rugs, domestic objects and architecture of mosques and pilgrimage sites, demonstrating the diversity of Islam in contemporary culture.’
    • ‘It was you who reminded me of my obligation to God by putting the prayer mat in my bedroom that day.’
    • ‘As we talked by the light of a flickering hurricane lamp, some soldiers knelt on a prayer mat nearby.’
    • ‘The prayer hall has no pews or seats; instead, worshipers kneel on prayer rugs.’
    • ‘In fact religious belief was not necessarily a bar to party membership: in the 1920s it was not unknown for members in Central Asia to take their prayer mats to party meetings.’
    • ‘It is common in mosques in America that the Qur'an and other religious books are placed on the prayer mat.’
    • ‘On top of the bed lay a prayer rug, a symbol of piety for Muslims.’