Definition of prayer flag in English:

prayer flag


  • (especially in Tibetan Buddhism) a flag on which prayers are inscribed.

    • ‘You see the image of windhorse printed on the prayer flags that flutter in the breeze all over Tibet.’
    • ‘It is considered holy by the Buddhists who inhabit the town and is decorated with prayer flags and a small temple.’
    • ‘In the morning, I wake to the smell of incense, the sound of the old man across the road chanting ‘om mani padme hum’, and the multicoloured prayer flags outside my room sending prayers to the gods.’
    • ‘We'll enjoy 13 days of spectacular trekking over sacred mountains and passes bedecked by prayer flags, and we'll hike in the steep valleys where elusive snow leopards still prowl.’
    • ‘Also at 10 am there is a praying flag printing workshop, showing how an original wood block of a traditional prayer flag is printed using inks and roller onto coloured cotton flags.’
    • ‘The prayer flags are like the ones the Tibetan monks used.’
    • ‘Brightly coloured Buddhist prayer flags flutter in the breeze and shaven-headed monks in their distinctive purple robes gaze in wonder as each runner passes.’
    • ‘Let go of the tension again, allow the body to move like a prayer flag in a gentle breeze, and watch the thoughts disappear effortlessly.’
    • ‘As you enter the garden, you pass under fluttering prayer flags hanging over a stupa, and a former gardener's bothy is now a little Sherpa house, complete with Buddhist shrine and a photograph of the Dalai Lama.’
    • ‘Thus, there are prayer flags, wheels, mani stones and mantras everywhere - on the terraces of housing blocks and at the most desolate of mountain passes.’
    • ‘Most ubiquitous were the prayer flags - long strips of printed cloth hoisted on poles - wafting mantras to heaven.’
    • ‘Colourful prayer flags - pieces of cloth imprinted with prayers of compassion - flutter from rocks, houses, monasteries and villages.’
    • ‘We'll pass through villages, farms, alpine meadows, and plateaus flowing with prayer flags.’
    • ‘Buddhist monks chanted hypnotically in the deep blue twilight, multicolored prayer flags blowing in the stiff Himalayan winds.’
    • ‘From the top of Kala Pattar we were lucky enough to have clear views of Mt Everest and we spent almost 45 min enjoying the views as we sat amongst all the prayer flags left by travelers.’
    • ‘A vast number of faded but still lively Buddhist prayer flags hang from passing buildings.’
    • ‘Last season there were more than 500 people here, milling about among huge dome tents, webs of billowing prayer flags, and stone shelters that crumbled after the season with the heaving of the glacier.’
    • ‘At many places, Buddhist prayer flags could be seen fluttering.’
    • ‘They might have a cross, they might have Buddhist prayer flags - any way in which people think of sacredness.’
    • ‘A moss-covered cairn topped with a faded prayer flag tied to a branch, it had been carefully garlanded with flowers by passing nomads.’