Definition of prankster in English:



  • A person fond of playing pranks.

    • ‘Whether these threats are the work of the same person or people who planted the explosive device, or misguided pranksters, they have multiplied the effect of the explosion.’
    • ‘Dismiss them as publicity-seeking pranksters if you like.’
    • ‘In 1992, pranksters turned the horse into a zebra by using rolls of black bin bags to create stripes down the sides, and the association said there had also been attempts to turn it into an elephant.’
    • ‘He talks about his passion for cricket and his days as a prankster fond of practical jokes.’
    • ‘Are they artists, pranksters or techno-saboteurs?’
    • ‘The 60-year-old was trapped inside his home for crucial minutes while fire crews dealt with rubbish set alight by pranksters on the other side of town.’
    • ‘Our fascination with ostensibly harmless hoaxes stems, perhaps, from admiration for the ingenuity of the pranksters, combined with schadenfreude towards the duped.’
    • ‘Police are warning that pranksters will be punished if they go over the top during the ‘mischief’ period around Halloween and Bonfire Night.’
    • ‘Police believe teenage pranksters are hacking into the wireless frequency of a drive-through speaker to tell potential customers they are too fat for fast food.’
    • ‘Her father was a prankster and mischievous person when he was her age.’
    • ‘The actor has enjoyed more than his fair share of media coverage recently concerning his whirlwind relationship and engagement, and then his soaking by pranksters on Sunday.’
    • ‘But the pranksters don't seem like overly reflective types, and that's to their credit.’
    • ‘But I'm sorry, if you carry on the way he has over the last three weeks, you can only expect the English pranksters to come out.’
    • ‘Walking the gallery, we see them gradually transformed from craftsmen and aspiring gentlemen to bohemians, political agitators, philosophers and pranksters.’
    • ‘We are idealists, anarchists, guerrilla tacticians, pranksters, neo-Luddites, poets, philosophers and punks.’
    • ‘It's hard for us to take these huge bids seriously because there's a lot of pranksters out there.’
    • ‘Through art exhibits, panel discussions, and chaotic socialization, we will fête the fearless Situationist spirit that San Francisco's pranksters embody.’
    • ‘After months of speculation the pranksters will be revealed when Santa makes an appearance at the pub's Christmas draw on December 19.’
    • ‘The pranksters had also stained it to make it look old.’
    • ‘Police were inundated with calls throughout Sunday evening as pranksters gathered in large numbers, let off fireworks and attacked dozens of homes with eggs.’
    mischievous child, imp, monkey, puck, rascal, rogue, minx, mischief-maker, tearaway
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